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  • Bri Fabian

Women's History Month Playlist

In honor of Women’s History Month, CYRadio has put together a playlist of songs to unleash your inner Shero! Women in the music industry struggle every day to have their voices heard, and here at CYRadio, we believe everyone deserves to shine in the spotlight. We hope this playlist will introduce you to some amazing female artists and remind you of the women throughout music history who have broken boundaries and set the bar higher for women’s rights. Here are some highlights from the playlist, available now on Spotify!

Survivor - Destiny’s Child

This is an absolute female power classic! Between having an unstoppable rhythm and Queen B herself, this is an empowerment must that will get you on your feet and ready to take on whatever task lies ahead of you! It is also a fantastic tune for when you’re getting out of a nasty breakup because it talks about how your ex underestimated you and you will rise above it. It also reminds us that sometimes all you need to do in a day is survive. “Keep on survivin’”!

Hound Dog - Big Mama Thornton

Most of you might be familiar with a song called “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley, but did you know that Big Mama Thornton recorded the original version of this song in 1952? With a bit of a slower tempo and swing, the original has a bluesier feel than Presley’s cover, and even has slightly differentiated lyrics. This is a great song for bopping around the house or reminding yourself that you don’t need anybody bothering you! When you have had it, officially, with a hound dog or the whole world for that matter, take a listen to this jam and feel your worries float away!

Armor - Sara Bareilles

If you are in the mood for a blatant female power anthem, this is the song for you! This song serves as an open letter to anybody who doubts the power and resilience of women. If there were any song that could be the theme song for this whole month, this would be it! The lyrics talk about how women through the ages have built upon each others’ experiences and risen above all the naysayers, and the rhythm has a stomping defiant groove that is irresistible. If you ever need a reminder how amazing it is to be a woman, definitely listen to this tune!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the fantastic songs that are included in this playlist! Be sure to check it out on Spotify, and have a wonderful Women’s History Month!

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