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  • Zoe Murrie

Halloween 2020

Although 2020 has been full of unexpected events, Halloween still has the potential to be awesome! There’s no doubt that things have changed a lot this year, and unfortunately that includes Halloween. This year, the 31st falls on a Saturday and a full moon, making this year’s Halloween one for the books. With that being said, I’ve come up with a few suggestions to make this year fun and safe.

1)Have a Horror Movie Marathon 

Whether you’re celebrating this year with friends or alone, binging your favorite scary movies is a great idea. Apps and websites like Zoom, Facetime, or Netflix party make this modified Halloween idea social-distance friendly! I suggest the Saw movies or, The Addams Family.

2. Have a Halloween-themed dinner

Mummy pigs in a blanket, spaghetti with black noodles, or ‘broomsticks’ made with marshmallows and pretzels are just a few ideas. Get creative in the kitchen and come up with some spooky Halloween dishes. I highly recommend Pinterest for some more fun ideas!

3. Do a Tarot Reading 

Consider buying a deck of tarot cards and trying them out with your roommates this year. If you’re feeling a bit more festive, look for your local tarot and palm readers downtown, Mt. Pleasant, and North Charleston. A lot of psychics have adapted to social distancing, making this a fun Halloween alternative! 

4. Secret Santa?

Take the idea of a secret Santa with friends and family, and then make it ~Halloween~. Fill trick-or-treat baskets with candy, fuzzy socks, and other spooky ideas and deliver them around to your friends! 

5. Zoom Costume Contest 

Zoom isn't just used for classrooms and meetings, it can also be used for hosting costume contests. Gather your friends and family and put on your best impression of Wednesday Adams or Uncle Fester. Check number 4 for prize ideas!

6. Go on your own Ghost tour 

We live in one of the most haunted destinations in America. And with google at our fingertips, we can search for some of the spookiest spots in the city. Grab your mask, a partner, and maybe your costume, and go in search of some creepy destinations in town. Make sure to be safe and to check your surroundings if you choose this Halloween alternative.

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