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  • Bri Fabian

CYLive w/ Grace Kern

So if you guys did not know, CYRadio frequently hosts an amazing event in Stern Gardens called CYLive that features some amazing up-and-coming local artists! This week we are so excited to be featuring a wonderful singer songwriter, Grace Kern, whose deeply personal lyrics and soft acoustic sound will touch your soul! After being introduced to Taylor Swift around the age of eight, she picked up her guitar and has been writing her life story in song ever since. Along with Taylor Swift, she gains inspiration from other artists who focus on storytelling like the Avett Brothers and John Prine. With themes like grief, regret, and hope in her lyrics, Grace uses her writing as an emotional outlet while creating songs that are truly universal. Her strong connection to her family has been especially prevalent in her writing through college as she has been straddled between her hometown in the upstate and attending CofC.

Be sure to stop by Stern Gardens this Monday at 5pm or watch the livestream of Grace’s performance on our Instagram @cymedia, it’s gonna be a great time!! Until next time, stay safe, stay tuned, and have a great weekend!

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