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  • Margaret Bruce

Andrews to Compete with Mace in November for SC-01

Local Charleston pediatrician Annie Andrews is taking on the reigning Nancy Mace for Congress. Andrews announced her run earlier this month in a video posted to Twitter. The video already has over 1.8 million views. In the first 24 hours of her campaign, Andrews raised over $200,000 dollars. Clearly, the Lowcountry is itching for Mace’s replacement.

Andrews has been a pediatrician at MUSC since 2009, receiving her MD from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. She later completed her pediatric residency at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. She is married to Dr. Charlie Andrews, a neurologist at MUSC, and they share three children. She and her family live in Mount Pleasant.

Andrews was inspired by her work as a pediatrician. She cites first-hand experience with seeing our policies fail: from parents who can’t pay their medical bills to children who go to bed hungry. This frustration is what has driven her to run for Congress. Andrews is passionate about ending gun violence, too-- she is a part of Moms Demand Action, a grassroots anti-gun violence organization. She has seen enough pediatric gun injuries, and advocates for safer gun storage and gun safety education.

Mace, on the other hand, has been a controversial figure since her 2020 defeat of incumbent Joe Cunningham. She’s eager to promote gun ownership, restrict women’s access to abortion and defund Planned Parenthood, and stop our “enemies” seeking asylum at the border. Her time in Congress already has been marred by scandal. In June, Mace claimed on Twitter that her house had been vandalized by “Antifa symbols and profanity.” Other users have pointed out that the vandal’s handwriting looks suspiciously similar to Mace’s, as well as pointing out the dissonance of “anarchists” lobbying for Congressional legislation.

Andrews has had enough of Mace’s extreme partisanship. “She’s on TV everyday, pushing extremism and conspiracy theories that only divide us more,” she says in her campaign announcement video. Andrews wants to put the focus back on our Charleston community. She encourages us to act on our want to “change the types of people we send to Washington.” Andrews is bringing a new perspective as a pediatrician, as well as an earnest desire for change.

The House of Representatives elections take place in November 2022. Click here to find your South Carolina congressional district.

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