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  • Amanda Weiss

2021 Upcoming Spring/Summer Trends

As quarantine forced us all indoors, people became focused on the little things that keep them going, and fashion is something many of us value. Fashion is a very dominant industry in our world, and trends fall in and out of style almost annually, while new trends are always being instituted as well. 2021 has brought us some new chic, stylish and tasteful trends that have everyone eager to shop.


Black and white are colors that many of us have in our closets on their own; but on a singular article of clothing, black and white together is a whole new look. Block coloring on pants, shirts or dresses and the layering of black and white fabric is what everyone is earning to wear.


We all used to wear our free people bralettes under our shirts many years ago, but they are coming back being paired much differently. Colorful bralettes are being worn under blazers, sheer shirts and even pant suits. Bralettes are also being paired as sets with pants or shorts and a boot to match as well.

“The Floss”

This trend is shown mainly in pants which include cut outs, revealing different parts of skin in a tasteful fashion. This is also shown on shirts where the fabric crosses in front covering over the stomach. For those who have watched the television show Euphoria, Maddy, one of the main characters, is shown in this style of pants.

“Cape” Shirt

This look is quite elegant and is shown on any type of shirt or dress. The idea of this shirt is to have the look of a cape draping over your shoulders while still wearing a normal shirt on the bottom half. This is being shown in many spring/summer colors such as pastels and floral prints and is a gorgeous and sophisticated style.

The Disco Look

Sequins are finally coming back. This can be a laid-back look, or a night out type of look. Full-on sequin outfits in any color you can imagine. Sequin tracksuits, dresses, shirts and more and all slowly coming back for the Spring.

The Corset

This style was very popular in the 90s and is finally making a comeback. Corset dresses and shirts will be shown in many stores this coming spring and summer. The corset sculpts your body and is a flattering piece of clothing due to its molding capabilities.

The “Not so Casual” Hoodie look

Being in quarantine for so long, many of us are used to wearing comfy clothes or hoodies now-a-days, but there are ways that we can ‘dress-up’ this sort of look. Designer hoodies and pleated skirts are being shown together, as well as layering sweaters and hoodies with not-so-casual bottoms.

These are just a few of many trends that will be blowing up our stores and websites this spring and summer which is just right around the corner.

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